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Swagelok Support Kits

Fluid systems may be subjected to repeated impulse and vibration. Appropriate system design can limit the effects of impulse and vibration by including a proper tube support system that restricts the movement of tubing and fluid components.  Accommodate various tubing, hose, or pipe diameters and configurations with our tube supports and hangers.

Bolted Plastic Clamp Supports


Bolted plastic clamp supports offer versatility for mounting tubing and pipe. Three support kit configurations—single, twin, and single stacking—are available, with three mounting configurations—weld plate, mounting rail and rail nuts, and strut nuts.

Swagelok support kits:

  • Absorb shock and vibration
  • Resist many chemicals and corrosives
  • Reduce stress on system components
  • Enhance system reliability
  • Resist ultraviolet light
  • Make system easily accessible for installation and maintenance


Temperature Rating –22 to 194°F (–30 to 90°C)
Sizes 1/4 to 2 in; 6 to 25 mm tube and  1/2 to 1 1/2 in. pipe
Configurations Single, stacking, twin
Materials of Construction
Hex head support bolts 304 SS
Cover plate 304 SS
Support body Virgin polypropylene
Lock plate 304 SS
7/16 in. or 10 mm hex head stacking bolts 304 SS
Weld nut 303 SS
Weld plate 304 SS
Mounting rail 303 SS
Rail nut CF8MSS
10 Strut nut Zinc-plated steel

Cushioned Clamp Tube Supports


Cushioned clamp tube supports provide channel-mounted tube support, dampen shock and vibration, and resist galvanic corrosion.


Materials of Construction Electro-dichromate—finished carbon steel or 316 stainless steel clamp, thermoplastic polypropylene-based elastomer cushion
Sizes 1/4 to 1 in; 10, 20, and 25 mm tube
Temperature Rating –50 to 275°F (–45 to 135°C)

P Clamp Supports


P clamp supports are an economical way to support tube or hose runs in a variety of sizes. They install easily to a wall or equipment frame using a single screw or bolt.


Materials of Construction Stainless steel clamp, black EPDM cushion
Sizes 1/4 to 2 in; 6 to 25 mm tube
Temperature Rating –40 to 212°F (–40 to 100°C)

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Safe Product Selection: The complete catalog contents must be reviewed to ensure that the system designer and user make a safe product selection. When selecting products, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe, trouble-free performance. Function, material compatibility, adequate ratings, proper installation, operation, and maintenance are the responsibilities of the system designer and user.