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Swagelok Tube Benders

Swagelok® tube benders provide high-quality bends on fractional and metric tubing made from materials that can be used with Swagelok tube fittings. Easy-to-use tube benders reduce installation time and effort as well as the potential for wrinkling or other damage to the tubing during bending.

Choose from electric, bench top, or hand tube benders to suit your application.

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Electric Tube Benders


Electronic control for automated bending.


  • 1 to 110° bending range
  • 1 to 2 in. outside diameter (0.049 to 0.220 in. wall thickness) and 25 to 50 mm outside diameter (1.2 to 5.0 mm wall thickness) tubing range
  • One bend shoe for 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and 2 in. sizes
  • One bend shoe for 25, 32, 38, and 50 mm sizes
Dimensions—vertical position 44 in. (112 cm) high, 29 in. (74 cm) wide, 30 in. (76 cm) deep
Weight 420 lbs. (191 kg)
Power requirements:
MS-TBE-1 115 V (ac), 50/60 Hz; maximum current—13 A
MS-TBE-2 230 V (ac) 50/60 Hz; maximum current—7 A

Bench Top Tube Benders


Rugged, lightweight aluminum construction. Includes grease gun and metal carrying case for storage.


  • 1 to 180° bending range
  • 1/4 to 1 1/4 in. outside diameter (0.028 to 0.120 in. wall thickness) and 6 to 30 mm outside diameter (0.8 to 3.0 mm wall thickness) tubing range

Steel bend shoes required for:

  • 1 in. outside diameter tubing with greater than 0.095 in. wall thickness
  • 25 mm tubing with greater than 2.4 mm wall thickness
  • All sizes of 2507 tubing
  • All sizes of heavy-wall annealed stainless steel tubing
  • All sizes of cold-drawn 1/8-hard stainless steel seamless tubing
  • All sizes of IPT medium and high pressure tubing

Manual model can be operated with a 1/2 in. drill motor using optional torque clutch and support arm

CE compliant

Dimensions—tube bender in case 14 1/2 in. (37 cm) high, 21 in. (53 cm) wide, 11 in. (28 cm) deep
Weight—tube bender in case, excluding tools:
Manual model 75 lbs. (34 kg)
Electric model 79 lbs. (36 kg)
Power requirements (electric model):
MS-BTB-1 110 V (ac), 50/60 Hz; maximum current—10 A
MS-BTB-2 230 V (ac), 50/60 Hz; maximum current—5 A

Hand Tube Benders


Swagelok hand tube benders feature roll dies reduce bending force and tube ovality, compared to conventional slide block design.


  • 1 to 180° bending range
  • Available in 1/8, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2 in., as well as 3, 6, 8, 10, and 12 mm tubing sizes
  • Clevis handle design provides enhanced leverage for bends greater than 90°
  • Cannot be used for 2507 tubing over 1/4 in. or for medium-pressure tubing

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