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60 Series Ball Valve Image

Count on reliable performance with Swagelok 60 Series Ball Valves. 


With a compensating seat design and live-loaded stem packing, 60 series ball valves reduce the effects of changing temperature, pressure and flow to ensure a leak-tight seal in both low and high-pressure systems.

Standard Specifications for Reinforced PTFE Seated Valves:

  • 1/8 to 2 inch and 6 to 25mm sizes
  • Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Brass and Special Alloy Materials
  • On-Off (2-way) and Switching (3-way) Valves
  • Compensating Seat Design
  • Live-Loaded, Two-Piece stem packing

Special Application Series Available:

  • Steam, Thermal, Fire, and Chlorine
  • All Welded
  • Low Temperature
  • Rapid Cycle Service
  • Available Commercial Grade for the Nuclear Industry


Interested in learning more about Swagelok's 60 Series offering? Click below:

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