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Virtual Training Webinars

Let our resources be your resources. 

 Let our resources be your resources. 

Our subject matter experts understand what it takes to keep your systems running smoothly. Experience live virtual training that will help prepare your operation for fluid system success.

In a recent survey, 42 percent of customers cited fewer available resources as one of their top business challenges. As your fluid system solution provider, we're here to provide those resources. If you're interested in virtual training for yourself or your team, contact your sales consultant to schedule a virtual session today! 

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Previous Webinar Recordings

Grab Sample Systems

Grab Sample Systems - Lead by Swagelok's Matt Dixon, Senior Principal Design Engineer, Karim Mahraz, Analytical Product Manager, & Eric Kvarda, Principal Design Engineer


Topics Covered: 

  • Grab sampling vs online analyzers 
  • Why grab sampling? 
  • Basic design principles
  • Sample container selection
  • Standard designs
  • Grab sampling certification program

Seal Support Systems

Seal Support Systems - Lead by Sean Hunsicker, Chem & Refining Market Manager at Swagelok


Topics Covered: 

  • Swagelok's involvement with API 682 4th Edition and building seal panels
  • Optimizing flush plans using new components
  • Diagnostic options for flush plans
  • Best practices for safety improvement
  • Case study – replacing pipe systems with tubing on pipeline applications

Hose Selection and Troubleshooting

Hose Selection and Troubleshooting - Lead by Swagelok's Doug Nordstrom, Senior Product Manager for Hose


Topics Covered: 

  • Background on hose types
  • Proper routing and anticipating hose motion
  • Beware of static dissipation
  • Permeation differences in hose types
  • Metal hose fatigue

Regulator Performance and Selection

Regulator Performance and Selection - Lead by Swagelok's Jon Kestner, Field Engineering Supervisor 


Topics Covered: 

  • Regulator Operation
    • Pressure reducing vs Back-pressure regulation
    • Balance of forces
    • Control, loading and sensing elements
  • Regulator Performance
    • Lock-up
    • Droop
    • Choked flow
  • Regulator Performance Effects
    • Creep
    • Supply Pressure Effect
    • Venting