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hoses and flexible tubing

Hose Essentials - 2 Hour Class

Selecting the right hose for numerous applications can be a challenge. This training will provide the basics on hose materials, choosing the right hose for your application, and proper installation. You will also be able to see how we assemble the hoses for a fast turnaround time. Join us to learn how hose can help you and your system operate at peak performance.

Upon completion of this training, learners should be able to:

  • Define common hose terms and terminology
  • Describe how to evaluate hose fit for purpose
  • Discuss hose selection variables
  • Describe guidelines for hose installation
  • List common issues found in hose applications


Installers, Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Supervisors, Safety Engineers

Contact us to schedule your Hose Essentials Training.