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Tube Fitting Installation - 4 Hour Class

Decrease costs, increase employee safety and equipment up time, and minimize leaks with correct tube fitting selection, preparation, and installation. Attendees will learn the proper way to cut and deburr tubing, install, disassemble and reassemble a Swagelok tube fitting, and identify basic thread types. Zero leaks and reworks are possible with critical skill training.

Upon completion of this training, learners should be able to:

  • Identify correct tube system design, selection and placement
  • Perform the installation and reassembly of Swagelok tube fitting components
  • List the effects of leakage within a system
  • Recognize tube fitting design characteristics and differentiate between fitting types
  • Identify common pipe thread types and sealing techniques
  • Explain NPT thread installation and the use of thread lubricants and sealants
  • Identify tools available to make the installer's job easier



Quality Assurance Managers, Plant Managers, Maintenance Managers, Supervisors, Safety Engineers, Inspectors

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