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Swagelok Alabama | Central & South Florida | West Tennessee

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Local Orbital Welder Training

Orbital welding provides repeatable excellence with each weld. This training provides instruction on the fundamentals and benefits of orbital welding. Learners gain knowledge on equipment setup and operation in order to use our Orbital Welder rental. For more details or to schedule your Local Orbital Welder Training, contact us at 205-988-4812 or 

Download our Orbital Welding Flyer

Advanced Orbital Welder Training

We also offer a five-day Advanced Orbital Welder Training course that will train you to provide quality, repeatable welds with the most advanced tubing welding process available.

If you're designing a critical fluid system, you're likely looking at welding for assembly. And with the Swagelok M200 welding system, it's easy to make precise, consistent, quality welds. But, you can make the most of what modern orbital welding offers with our five-day course, held at selected sales and service centers.

Whether you are an experienced or an entry-level welder, we'll guide you through:

  • An understanding of welding principles
  • Instructions for setup and operation of the orbital welding system
  • Troubleshooting for frequently encountered welding problems
  • An emphasis on operational issues through hands-on experience

On the fifth day you can choose to test for ASME Section IX qualification if you need to fulfill QA/QC requirements. All of our instructors hold Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) and Certified Weld Educator (CWE) qualifications, as well as at least five years’ experience in orbital welding instruction. Register now  by submitting a completed registration form. We can then provide pricing information and other details.